Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year and Valentine's

On Chinese New Year's eve, I was scrubbing my toilet and cleaning my room, while having migraine leftover before I slept it off after swallowing valium.

My mum was supposed to come on that day and later on told me that they decided to go to Melaka instead for a day trip instead of the 3 -ish hours journey to KL.

I was secretly glad that they called off the trip. I don't know if I am able to stay awake if they did come over to KL.

It was a weird sleep though, that day. I dreamt that my ex text me, which he actually did. The text that I received in the dream was very different from what I received in reality.

This also happened with my ex-boss' text.

Now I don't know if I did actually received those texts, the ones I thought I might have received in my dreams. Maybe I did but I subconsciously deleted them in my valium laden slumber.

But it was weird.

CNY was also Valentine's Day.

To be honest with you, Valentine's day is only a way to spice up couples' sex life a bit.

On this day, they give you things like mushy cards, roses, teddy bears and strawberries dipped with chocolate.

All of these compensates for the sex they are going to get later on at night. Of course, the sex will be slightly different. Potpourris, scented candles, melon flavored lubes and raspberry flavored condoms.

It is a 'love making' session rather than the normal in your face literal sex you would usually get.

Well, for me, there are no chance for me to ever have valentine's make love session as I never actually celebrated Valentine's Day.

I mean, what's the point of celebrating it? I am not even feeling any kind of remorse from not having anyone to celebrate it with.

That has to mean something about who I have become nowadays innit?

And yes... a young good looking guy asked for my number. He said that I looked 'cute'. I was thinking :

"Dude... do you even know that I just turned 31 and have no regards for intimate relationships anymore?"

But... I am trying to widen my scope. I gave him my number and walked off.

Yes... I give people chances. I am trying to anyway!

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  1. Woman.. you and I think very alike when it comes to V-day. It's so overrated! Just an excuse to get into ones undies.... so so so true man. LOL

    Happy v-day and CNY!