Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am tagged by En. Iszo, on listing out my resos, and to keep it as stupid and simple as I can.

For year 2010, here goes:

1) Be a better person.
2) Get that CANON DSLR
3) Be happy
4) Keep close friends close
5) Buy a plasma TV.

Whoah... that's simply stupid and short. :P

A dear friend, one of my best friends actually was told by another friend to lose weight so that there would be a bigger selection of men for her to choose from, that would not include heartbreakers, jerks and assholes.

During our weekly banana rice session on sunday nights at Nirwana (check for two babes and a guy who would be laughing our asses off for hours!), we talked bout it for hours. This is a weekly ritual that we come to have. Something that we do to, I guess, keep ourselves sane.

Now this friend of mine is one of the most interesting person I know. She speaks impeccable English, being that she is an English lecturer with one of the local Us, her ideas are possibly more radical than mine and she has what I call, gumption.

I have always looked beyond the fact that she is big. The only thing that mattered to me I guess, is that she is a good friend and a phenomenal woman, who has managed to pull through a few ordeals that I have not had the bad luck of having.

When I heard what the other friend told her, my jaws literally dropped.

"Sapa cakap dengan ko macam ni noks (Who told you this?)?" I went.

She said when her friend told her that, she immediately thought about me. I have worked my ass off to get the body I am in right now, but guess what, I am still alone and basically incapable of getting a man / partner who is worthy of my attention.

No doubt, there had been a few infatuations and stuff involving particular men, but I dismissed them as there had been no chemistry there whatsoever.

I don't know what to put it as. Insecurity/ paranoia.

Maybe both.

But as far as I can figure out right now is... paranoia trumps insecurity.

I have been in quite a few relationships. My paranoia is not just on what if the relationship didn't work, it is more on 'what if the man I am in a relationship with proved to have major flaws?', like him being a male chauvinist pig, woman beater, unconditional sarcastic ass?

So, I dumped that man and look for more creeps and look forward to be proven right?

In this hot body I am on my way of getting?

Conclusion : No matter what kind of body you have, the selection stays small.

We only have men who are narcissists, egoistics, chauvinists, racist bigots, liars, cheaters, asses, fuckers and all combined to choose from.

I don't want to die alone, but the prospect of that happening is there and I have no strength to fight it.


  1. babe, i'm eyeing 500D... hahaha...
    but maybe in 6 months time?

  2. Good, I am going for the cheaper version la kan but a DSLR is still a DSLR nevertheless...

    Boleh la we take pikches together2... and Izso and your hubby can be our gurus.. hehehehehehe

  3. nice page update!

    Me a guru? If only I were that good.

    I'm looking at the Canon 50D or the Nikon D90. Get something better than the Canon 1000D I tell you.. later regret cukup with its limitations! Go for the 450D or 500D at the very least.

  4. whoa, firstly the lampu at the corner of the page is oh-sem.
    secondly, what a spread of selection in the 2nd last paragraph. if we were to die alone (now that's very optimist right? youarewelcome) let's die with toned arms, preferably a nice bank account (so our nieces and nephews know that we're indeed an awesome aunt) and a life that we're proud of. deal?