Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 and resolutions

It is now 01/01/10.

Being that I work US hours, needless to say, I was working when the clock strikes 12 am.

I went from one staff to another wishing them a happy new year. I gave them a huge new year hug (Which I was told, if my US counterparts were to do, would result in a definite sexual harassment case).

A colleague from another project came up to our floor to give Joyce and I new year hugs and wishes, which I found very sweet and thoughtful of him.

Well, another year flew by. 2009 was... well interesting.

I decided to go back to my resolution list that was made for 2008. I found out that I have achieved most of the things that I want to do in that year as of 31st Dec. 2009.

I have managed to secure a better position, with better prospects. I know now what I can do if I push myself hard enough. I have people who believes in me which makes me feel all... fluffy and cottony inside (Ignore if this just does not quite sound right... :P)

Ok... on the hobby side (Photography, digital SLR and stuff), I didn't quite have the time to act on that, but hey, that can always wait. What matters is that, I achieved the number one thing on my list.

I didn't really resolute on anything as far as my 'relationship status' is concerned. I have resigned to the fact that if I am going to be single for now and continue to be unimpressed with each and every one of the men that I came across with, then BE IT! I am not doing anything about it, mainly because... well... it is just tiring to jump back on the wagon and start another pointless thingy with strange men with more hair than I can handle.

Newly wed Jade said that she should spend more time with me so that her positive aura can somewhat 'infect' me. Well, Babe... we can try! Betul ke takde yummy ones to recommend? Hahahaha...

Anyway, as far as this year's resolution goes, I aim to be a better person. I guess what I need now is not a specific target to achieve. The subjectivity of this reso makes it more interesting. Anything can come out from aiming to be a better person, innit?

I will however continue to strive and learn the ropes in this Management stuff that I have gotten into. I have nothing but sincere hopes in making my team members a better person than they already are, so that they can spread their wings... and fly (properly, not stupidly).

Happy New Year Everybody....


  1. I didn't even know you are blogging again! Well now I do and good to have you back.

    Happy new year, babe. May this year be filled with fun, happiness and good health.


  2. I didn't see you at Jade's wedding. Were u there?.... or working? hehehe. Happy New Year!!!

  3. You're into photography? Jom we buy our cameras together gether and demand for group discount!

    And happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year, Sarcy :D

    Rock on 2010 :)

  5. Ninie,

    Hi. Yes I started blogging again. I figured wht the hell, some people would love it some people wont... the latter would just have to shove it up their ass. :P


    I couldnt go to the wedding. no car. kan my Wiwa kena bang by some mafaker.. sangat sedih.


    lets!!! as soon as I have the time.. hahahahaha


    Haappy new year to you toooo!

  6. Sarc : Seriously? JOM! I'm targeting end of the year!