Friday, July 18, 2008

Sarcy the shopper??? ummm...

Would you believe me if I am to say that my last purchase was a dress worth RM 50 at a Flea Market and that was like close to a month ago?

Yeah… I couldn’t believe it myself. For one, I am someone who could end up buying three pairs of shoes and 3 dresses at one go. Oh… and I love bags… well, once I start shopping, I SHOP!

I am quite a contradiction when it comes to shopping. For huge splurges, like designer handbags and watches, I would usually think about it while ‘accumulating’ the cash, but for other things especially, shoes and clothes that are priced under 200, GOD… I could not stop.

An ex actually told me that I should watch on my spending now that I am single and nobody’s going to help me out financially (frikkin’ hell, even when I was in a relationship pun, bukannya depa depa ni tolong pun kan?) anymore. I took heed of that. Why do you think I ended up with only a single purchase of a dress from a flea market? I am postponing my plan to buy a pair of boots to next month even.

For one, I wondered how is it that some women are capable of ending up with an impulsive buy of anything that they never actually will wear anyway. For myself, I will wear everything that I bought. Hell man, I did buy it with my own money. That’s why I end up with a leather bag with a broken strap and a favorite shoe which heels had been repaired so many times, my Mum told me to go and buy a new shoe already!-> if this happens than you know you are way over the line of being careful about your spending.

Bukan kedekut, berjimat. I am not hoping to score on someone who would give me a platinum card.

Of course, being your typical woman, I do want everything I saw, that Cole Hahn handbag worth RM 1969, that Nine West kick ass heels, RM329 and a gorjes dress I saw in warehouse worth around RM 450.

Yea yea… cekik dalah haliga sumua. I will be coming up with a no nonsense entry one day when I managed to buy all of those. I will also post them pictures online… hahaha!


  1. What amazes me more is how could some people who only works as a secretary manages to shop like there's no tomorrow? Branded items summore.

  2. Hhahah. I enjoy reading your writeups - its fun and insightful.I updated my own - then came on to do my typical Sun routine of reading other ppls blogs - and I see yours! And naturally felt like *finally* dropping a line to say hi! :)

  3. Pugs;

    you are not alone babe... i am working and i find it difficult to part with my money... go figure...


    welcome babe. well i try to be fun and insightful.... sometimes my entries are painfully bimbotic... hahahaha....