Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dating Me Badly

I have recently went on a couple of blind dates.

I don't know if it was just me or if I have become increasingly difficult to please, but I didn’t like neither of the two I went out with. It was a blind date because I was set up by friends and they swore that there was no way that I would not like them.

Well, I guess they have to eat their words now. I told them prior to that that I am not the Sarcy they knew before. I guess bad experiences make for a really hard to convince me. I have also told them before that I really don't feel like going on a date. I have too many on my plate, okay maybe that wasn't the case but I do have my work, which is on irregular hours and my weekends are now spent with sleeping at home.

And guess what? I am content with that.

But they insisted, so being a good friend, I agreed.

Blind date numero uno was a guy who is working with an O&G company. The date was set in the late afternoon which was, frankly, not my cup of tea because that would be the hours I would usually just decide to wake up from my slumber. But, I went anyway because I don't expect people to work weird hours like I do.

We met at OU. I was in a pink flowery dress. Usually I would go for jeans and knitted tops as I would have to work at night but I decided, heck, why not... just for the heck of it. I was as gurly as you could ever imagine. Decked up in a pair of white heels too. I parked my car and walked to Italiannies, which to be honest, a lame choice if you want to impress your date.

All those things they say in adverts about falling in love over spaghetti meat balls in Italiannies... cerita dongeng tu semua!

But hey, I am good with anything. Afterall, I was hoping for quality conversation to substitute for the lame food they serve there.

He was tall, okay looking and was in his work shirt and confessed that he just got back from work, which was understandable. Just within the first hour, in between ciabatta dipped in olive oil and vinegar, I found out that he drives a beemer, he lives in a bungalow in Damansara area and that his friends are mostly local celebrities.

I didn’t ask about his ride, I didn’t ask about what house he lives in, though I did ask him where he was staying at, and I certainly never asked him about his celebrity friends. I just asked him what he does in his free time.

And besides, I couldn't care jack about local celebs. I wouldn’t be able to know who’s who even if you have a label stuck on their forehead.

A tip I would like to extend to guys, when you go out on dates, NEVER EVER order food / drinks for your date.

He ordered for me a glass of white wine, which I didn’t drink because I had to work afterwards, and also because I am more of a red fan. He ordered me a chicken dish with which I have had a bad brush with because the last time I went to Italiannies, I was served a very bad meal of the exact thing that he ordered for me.

Regardless to say, I didn’t finish the food and I didn’t touch the drink. Instead, I asked for a glass of iced water. I love the bread and the olive oil though.

I didn’t have a good impression of homme numero uno. I felt that he was bragging about what he owns to cover up something that he doesn’t have, which is, I think, a personality.

He SMS telling me that he loved my company, and was hoping for us to do it again. I lied saying that I will not be free and I will be extremely busy for the coming 4 weeks with work.

I have no doubt that he will find someone who would just be as blank a person as he is. Afterall, he is not too bad looking.

Blind date numero dos is another story.

The date was also set in the late afternoons. This time I didn’t bother to dress up. I was in a pair of hipster jeans and a white tank top layered over a green tank with a hippie scarf around my neck. I was decked for a long night of work afterwards.

He was a power suit kind of guy, which kind of freaked me out a bit as I was just the hippie nut I have always been. He was also a tall guy, okay looking and came straight from work.

He was a lawyer.

Now, the love of my life is a lawyer, and I have to admit,my interest was peaked for a while. We met at MidValley’s Chilli’s. He didn’t make the grave mistake of ordering for me, and he didn’t talk about what he has.

But he did talk about his past relationships. He had 4 serious ones and he ended all four of them.

What did I end up talking about?

My work, my dead cat in JB and my tendency to be emotionless and less than empathic at failed relationships. I also said that talking about the past deters people from moving on. Didn’t know if he caught what I was trying to hint at.

I found out that he drives a Benz because his was parked by the valet. He seemed to have thought that all women found him irresistable because of his money.

And because I am a woman, he assumed that I am one of those women too. He didn’t say that out loud, but you just kind of get the drift, nawhatimean?

So after two – ish hours, and a charade of his past relationships, we said our goodbyes and split.

He tried to call me afterwards. I didn’t pick up because I was working and I only ‘returned’ his call after two days saying that I was swamped and I didn’t have the time to get back to him. He ceased calling after a few days, because I didn’t pick up because I was working and was not bothered to return hiscall.

This puts an end to anymore blind dates, I told my two friends. I am okay with being introduced to a man during a party and stuff but no more blind dates.

Come what may, friends, if I am destined to find someone, then I will.


  1. You know honestly - if I weren't married I'd like to ask you out for a friendly meal sometime.

    And how the heck do you sleep like that man? I only know 1 company that works American hours in the IT line. Putrajaya based?

  2. WTF??!! Who the heck orders for his dinner date these days?? (sorry, I am equally annoyed with the other things read: local celebs, yuck. But the ordering part would just put me off from the very beginning).

    Plus, a glass? It would be a different story if he ordered a bottle of the most expensive harvest with a good vintage ;)

    (Makcik stress dengar cerita you ni :P)

    Jom coffee/drinks this weekend (when you're not sleeping!)

  3. hah! good riddance! so... they think a beemer or a benz would mean anything? duh. so not!

    hahaha.. ada bunyi mcm bimbo sket tak?

  4. Third time lucky?..hehe

    Anyway new layout ada kena mengena dgn current mood ke? So black and gloom?

  5. iZSO,

    babe, i will hook up with one of my guyfriend and we can go out for a meal no problem.. bring your wife along la.. :D

    we have our tech guys over at Putrajaya... we are based at Menara Luxor and i am based in a call center...


    tulah... my mouth was literally opened la babe... but its now in the past already.

    sure... ill call you over trhe weekends. lets go for a real night out with REAL wine!!! hahahaha...

  6. Jade;

    we are all bimbos at heart... umm sometimes...


    owh tidak... i doubt it.

    no... it saves energy

  7. beemer?

    house in damansara?


    fuuuh.. marry him already la! hahahaha..

  8. Des,

    you marry him la... rather be alone then un... umm... not stimulated?

  9. :) .. urgh ..such 'interesting' experiences .. :) .. I have a feeling that your putera will turn up once you least expect it kot :D

  10. if only sume org fikir mcm u,the world would be a better place to live.i used to know someone who goes for the numero uno kinda guy.good catch katenye.if she dengar aje dat guy ade beemer,one hand (the guy's,ofkos) in her pants already.:P

  11. Hahahah.... kesian u kena pegi blind dates.
    Well, my guess:
    Your first blind date:
    - have small penis
    - bad at foreplay

    Your second blind date:
    - will never get over his previous relationships
    - he's still pining for one of his x-girls
    - might end up being a gay some day (or already is a bi).

  12. Ome,

    Putera? i expect him to be the king of his life... <-- corny major i know!!!


    babe ala setakat beemer 3 series tu, cari je 2nd hand berlambak.. apa kellad.. lainla kalau jantan tu ada hummer ke... dah tu lain citer... hehehe

  13. DNAS,

    think positive, got free dinner... HAHAHAHAA...

    yang first tu, tengok gaya pun macam ya.. not that the critch is the first thing i check out la kan...

    the second tuh... owh memang... still pining and frustrated la tuh agaknya... they gay part.. naaah tak cukup cumel untuk menjadi gay... (JAHAT TAK AKU???) muahahahahaha

  14. Why do men always do tht? Tying to impress women by telling them abt their prized possessions? I find it really offensive! Ingat kita impress la konon...pigidah!

  15. cOSMIC,

    bisalah, lelaki... what do you expect?