Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am being dropped, like durians in season, mercilessly by my friends.

They are being snatched up, like fish in the market around 8 PM, during borong time when the mongers would cut the price to more than half of the cost.

Now they are attached to the Siamese twin they never knew they had. Often, especially when we go out in a group of odd numbers, I would always be the odd one out.

I feel as if they were actually talking to me out of pity.

“Kesian Sarcy, dia sorang je. AND she is still in love with one of her ex, no not the recent ExBF la, the other one.”

You are excused if you have given up tracking my love life histoire. It’s complicated, really.

The worst part is that whenever there is a chance to go out with my friends without their significant other present, it all goes back to square one. The topic of discussion would evolve around the boyfriend did that, the girlfriend did this, the fiancé asked for an ass fuck, that kind of thing.

Things people in relationships are concerned with and things they SHOULD not talk with someone who is an acclaimed single.

Apparently, Sarcy is so frikkin’ understanding that sure you could talk about anything with her. She is SARCY. She went out with the Ex she still loves trying very hard not to shoot herself in the head because subconsciously, although she did tell herself that she is NEVER going to meet the Ex anymore, she surrendered and procrastinates the Never part of her little resolution.

Sarcy’s sabotaging herself yet again. That said, she wouldn’t mind talking to you about your pathetic little problem on how the boyfriend doesn’t put the toilet seat back down after peeing or that time when the girlfriend accidentally dropped the Xbox causing major apocalyptical havoc.

Heck, someone knock me on my head because I could not think clearly now.

Of course la, it’s 12 frikkin’ 30 am.


  1. 29 kan?? will do... tak bleh splurge sangat la... i baru buat new 'hire purchase' this month.

    bermulalah episode kewangan yang neverending... huhuhu

  2. We can go to the zoo or sentosa? Ooohh... new HP? Bila dpt your new baby?

  3. sentosa laaa... kan 50% off for Malaysians.. hehehe...

    within this week... i hope. i have decided not to take the one which name starts with an M la babe. i am going for a more spacious W. hehehe

  4. nak itut!!! bang me on the head too. the path to self sabotaj. we get off. we get back on. we get off. we get back on yet again. what's wrong with us?

  5. Then you should turn the conversation around to the fun things you are doing being single eg: just pack your bag and go to S'pore for holidays at the drop of hat or brag about your latest extravaganza purchases..etc. That will shut them up..or not...but at least I'm pretty sure that they will be jealous of you! *wink*

  6. can take that spacious W to spore ah?


  7. inn,

    sile2... memang best bershopping dengan kami berti... eh... berdua plus dengan CK and her little munchkin... hehehe..

    Des, eheheheheee.. segan ah! i naik bas je masuk SG.

  8. Erm, don't you belong to the singles united club as well?

    Though, keeping your 'attached' group of friends close is always a good idea too, coz you'll never know when you'll toggle back to their status and feel the bleeding urge to unload your thoughts about not being so single anymore..

    Having multiple open options is hard work aint it?

  9. diamond bebeh,

    you think? hmm.. thats comforting.


    well, actually its not really hard work, it just gets on your nerves a bit too much sometimes.

  10. Hmm.. W? Nice.. sleek and sexy!

    I loike it babeh!

    Inn, come come join us girls!

  11. korang ni tau tak W yang mana ni? akak sangat practical okay... hehehe..

  12. haiyoo.. i tok to you about that later la.. hehehe

  13. nak but kenotttt. my wallet is on a diet. huhu

  14. Hehe... ala.. you exchange RM 200 pun ok apa?