Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mocha High

Last weekend, I went about doing my usual business and habits.

Breakfast at Hua Mui around 9.30 am, a short stop at Telekom to ask about my pretty fucked up Streamyx connection. (Dude, I pay 77 bucks a month and I expect it like broadband and not narrow ok?), sent my CLK for her weekly wash and while I wait for them to spray my cutie clean, I went to Giant nearby and bought some things for my bathroom and car. After that I drove to City Square in town, bought a couple of books (a Lahiri and a Pratchett) and went to Starbucks where I parked on the sofa alone, finished my read on a book I bought last two weeks before I started on the ones I bought that day.

One thing though… the price of local books have shot up to 30-39 per pop. International authors are priced at about 40 bucks and above. So much for nurturing intelligentsias.

It was still early and the café was not littered with posers who drink there just for the sake of showing off their fancy whipped cream topped drinks yet, so it was a quiet, and enjoyable read and that doubled with the strong Mocha I ordered, it was that sanctuary I yearn for after a hard week at work.

In came this couple, who was all over each other. It was the ultimate PDA, the girl had an arm over the guy’s shoulders, their mouth were inches away from kissing and the guy’s hand was on the girl’s lap.

The girl was wearing a micro mini.

Distracting aren’t they?

The voice came from behind me. I turned around and found out that he was a tall Gwai – lo, dark hair, pink lips and was typing something on the laptop. I smiled and he waved at me.

A bit. Not completely. I said, assuming my original position on the sofa, holding up the book that I was reading.

Welll, maybe they have a lot to talk about TO each other and it’s not necessarily conveyed with words you see?

Yeah. I guess so. I replied, not looking at him.

I was actually thinking that you might not respond to that.

Why is that, mister…

Name’s William. You can me Will, Miss…


If you allow me to, can I go over and shake your hand, Sarcy?

The day was going to be long, and I could use the company. Besides, he deserved some credit for being original and bold to address a stranger in an overpriced coffee joint. So we shook hands and he sat in front of me.

He has green eyes.

Why was that? I asked.

He smiled.

Most women will think that I was trying to pick them up and would walk away or keep quiet. Sometimes, it’s nice to talk to a total stranger. It’s an expat thing.

I am in a good mood , so I respond.

Aah, a Saturday thing? He asked. I smiled at him.

I found out later that he is attached with a consultancy company and will be stationed in JB for a few months before returning back to KL. According to him, Johoreans are a whole lot different than KL – lites.

KL-lites, is that what you call ‘em?

I nodded.

Kl – lites tend to try harder at impressing the foreigners. Johoreans just don’t give a frikkin damn about em’, he said.

Yeah, they come and they go, I added.

We hung out together for 2 hours at Starbucks, exchanged phone numbers and we parted ways after that.

It was a nice Saturday, I gathered, not only because I met and talked to an American who knows that Malaysians are not referred to as Malays like how Chinese are to China but also because I have managed to make another friend (well I hope he could be one!--> a friend I meant.)

It pays to fork out 11 buckaroos for a tall Mocha afterall…


  1. It's pretty interesting to talk to someone like that you know. He seemed to be a nice guy... hmm... nice

  2. Im using the maxis wireless broadband and it's portable and so convenient. Maybe u should change to maxis instead of streamyx..

    So, have u had an official 1st date with the gwailo? :)

  3. I agree with cosmic gurl. I've terminated my streamyx for awhile. Maxis broadband is much more reliable!

    Seeing that i was on a long break, i finally indulged to a chick lit hehe. Bought meself a candace bushnell novel at a much lower price in thailand (guess that's why every other population picks up reading as a hobby 'cept for us malaysians) and enjoyed it immensely!

    good luck with the prospect.. If that's how it'll turn out la..muah.

  4. ewah. expat lagi... :P

    eh bila cik adik nak sambung cerita saya???

  5. Yeah, he seems like a nice guy, not too bold and not too shy...smooth!

    You like to read the books before watching the movies or vice versa? Rasanya both authors ada books yg adapted to films kan?

  6. Sheryl,

    it is interesting, plus this dude was smart! we even talked about Malaysian Politics! it was fun.. and he was nice.. and very the tall.. Akak sakit leher dongak you!


    Maxis? tak mahal ke yang? last time i heard, people were saying the rate was too expensive...

    official date? ntahla... i dont think about things like that now.. :)

  7. Juan,

    welcome back babeh!!! how was the vacation... saya sungguhla jeles... hehehe... anyway i iwll ask aorund about the maxis boradband thingamajiy... if i have the time la kan...

    prospect? no prospect plan at the moment la babe..

    Cik Intan Payung,

    tungguuuu. withiin this week, i'll try my besttt... ho0rrr..

    yela.. expat je yang minat kat saya nok. lelaki2 tempatan tak berkenan.

    Cik Berlian,

    i am a book person. so whenevever there is an adaptation, i would almost always have read the book first.

    i saw a preview of the Namesake, reminds me of every other immigrant story la babe. so, i am a bit iffy about it. but the book itself, kind had me on another Amy Tan - ish flashback..

    i am just waiting for Martells' life Of Pi... i hope the movie's good.

  8. akak suka laki tall tau.. sexy!