Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pump It

I am a 36C.

Compared to my friend’s 38D, I am like ‘sebijik buah langsat’ compared to a gigantic watermelon. Okayla, maybe I exaggerated. She is like the Fuji Apple, I am like Red Delicious… the point is, it is subjective to one’s preference, no?

Pembaca2 sekelian, tonight I am going to talk about breasts or boobs, teks I would usually call ‘em with my Noks friends.

For the record, I hate wearing something that is low cut because my cleavage has never been quite impressive. But that has never stopped me from trying.

My friends told me that I have a nice pair. Not too big, not too small, juuustt nice… average sized boobies. My 38D friend wished she had mine. I wished I am a 36D. as much as I love having nice cleavage, you would not see any push up bras anywhere in my lingerie drawer. I would much rather spend RM 200 for a set of teddies and garter set at La Senza than blowing them on push ups that costs around 99 per pop (No pun intended).

I bought a plunging neckline purple dress for RM 19.90 last Saturday. Yes-lah, I said RM 19.90. The dress allows no room for a bra. My friends gave it a nod.

“You look yummy, I would have a go at you, no doubt.”

Umm… thanks Rita but I already have a potential girl on girl partner. Did I mention she kinda looked a bit like Aishwarya Rai.

Sarcy’s just twisted like that.

Anyway, back to the busom story.

My friend, however is obsessed with boobarobics. She has a handbook and plus one thick paperback on all the moves a woman could do to achieve that perfect boobalicious shape.

Does it work? I asked her. Dunno… you tell me, belum try belum tau.

One of the exercise involves being on all fours to do a move that is similar to the conventional push up. This not only increases your chest width but it also tones your arm muscles. Of course to achieve both of these end results, one would have to know the proper breathing technic as well.

I never get the breathing part right. I should have as I am a Yoga practitioner, but this? Boobarobics is truly not my style.

I will ask this friend of mine on whether it does work.

I also have friends who are trying very hard to shrink their god given pair. They complained that it is far too much for them to handle and that they have been getting unwanted attention from men.

Hello… I am two sizes smaller than you guys and I CONSTANTLY get unwanted attention from these Baluks (Now that you think about it, could it be that the word ‘baluk’ comes from the British word ‘blokes’? Hehe), even when it’s all covered up. So personally, I don’t think that’s a rational reason in shrinking their cup size.

The point of this entry is, even though, I wish I could be bigger, I will still love my 36Ds.

For desperate measures, I think I will splurge RM 100 and buy that spongy push up.

My Dream Teks


  1. Ok. Mine is big. No need push up. I guess bf loves it a lot! Hahahaaa..

    Babe, i'll show you my new plunging shirt soon?

  2. u lot are lucky u know. mine is as flat as it can get. but im so used to it already. my ex use to tease me "u ni inn, depan belakang FLAT!" hehe. nak buek camno. heh.

  3. i am a 32B and proud of it!heh :p

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  5. hmm... i wish mine is bigger :P

  6. Alaa,
    post la a picture of ur teks here.

  7. Mine is definitely not small! You're right though, sometimes they are an embarrassment to me but sometimes....mak suka nyah!

  8. Ok, my favorite topic. Mine is 38E. Heavy, I tell you. When I'm running on the treadmill at the gym, I have to make sure to choose the middle row, with many people running in front of me, so that the bouncy thingy do not attract unwanted attention. Even the Nike sports bra can't help much.

  9. 36c tak cukup lagi ka?

    *smacks forehead*

  10. Sheryl.


    you bought a plunging neckline shirt.. welly wellyyy.


    well there's always Boobarobics..


    32b is okay with you la babe.

  11. 9,

    will there be lollypops for patients?


    lemme peek at 'em and i will decide whether you need one size bigger.

  12. Ylanda,

    tableh laaa.. my teks are not like my dream teks. hehehe...


    38E?? wuhuuuuu.... that has got to be a self esteem booster la babe!!!

    nak cikit nasi lemak tu...

  13. Cik Berlian,

    okeh.. boleh saya nenok tak?? can eh? next trip to KL you flash me..


    36C cukup ke?? you have seen them, what do you think???

  14. mine's 40D wahahahhaha. ganazzz tak akak? anyways, tolong sambung cite ek?? bring out that writer in u. check out my blog ;)

  15. Hahahaha...im with Des here. Do you know how many Msian gurls wish they have a 36C?? Next time u go to Sg Wang pls check out the ching-ching babes punya boobies kay. Bkn buah langsat, more like biji buat mata kucing I tell you :P

  16. woi, i'm B cup lah!

    tak sesuai langsung dengan ketinggian and kelebaran!


  17. Show us the pics of yours babe. Nanti kita tukar gambar ok?

  18. cukup la tu. remember that kid dalam lift?


  19. how come men don't blog and bitch about how short their dicks are?

  20. Mummy,

    Ganazzz.. hehehe... babe, the writer in me blom nak bangun laaa... but i will do that SMOKE. (ASAP-la)


    itu ching2 babesla. mari kita lihat mereka2 yang bukan ching2s.

    i could wish i am bigger la... but i still love my 36c wot??

  21. lily,

    that's the thing! I wonder why? Who wants to start it off here? Raise your hands!

  22. Freak,

    Hallaaa.. but still booobilicious right?? actually if you have A- cup oso if you know how to dress still look kick ass. i mean look at Ali Larter of the Heroes fame, she looks good enough to lick!

    Sheryl, can.. we pakai low2 cut tops nak??? buat those porn pose.. hahahaha!!

  23. Des,

    yes i did... but then again, whose boobs was he looking at eh? mine or orang tu punya... brows sampai naik2 lagi..


    oh well... i think you have already found the reason for that, remember the 2b staedtler syndrome.. yeahhh!! EXACTLY!


    because they are too full of themselves that they forgot their underwear is not that full?? hehehehe...

  24. lily,

    that's becos none of us male bloggers have a short one.

    maybe that fella sirgay though..

  25. U gotta be kidding me.

    36C using Slumberland padded bra?

    My tits are bigger than yours.

    Men Against Padded Bra

  26. *SIGH*


  27. hehe.. somebody just confessed to having manboobs.. hehehehe..