Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I made two of my staff cry yesterday. 

One happened in front of my boss and one happened later on in the evening. 

One thing that I noticed in this team was that, the workload was too much for one person to take. It wasn't until I took over that I managed to bring my boss' attention to it. 

There was a lot of things that went unnoticed until I took over and went up mountains to tell it to everyone. 

Both of them was so overwhelmed with work that that broke down in during our 1:1s, one of them made me swear to not tell people that she actually cried in front of my boss, which is her second level boss. 

It was a triangular coaching session and my boss was assessing me. 

I have good people in my team, however I can understand the stress and pressure that they would feel with all the ridiculous volume and requests going back and fro from one team to another. 

In a very manual process, this is a very tricky thing to do. 

What I can do was to ask them to give me time for changes. Changes are inevitable. But it is coming. I have many things on my plate, balancing them had been a challenge last couple of months, but now I am becoming more of what was expected of me in this organisation. 

But, I refuse to change to the negative facade I can see some team leads emit. 

It's not healthy to be those people, and in block every unhealthy things from my system. 


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