Saturday, April 12, 2014

Congratulations on being selected as a STUDENT

I signed up for a degree program recently.

Taking into account my overall strength in writing, even though what I am currently doing as a profession has nothing to do with writing, I took Communications as my major.

I love writing. I have always had more talent with words than I do with numbers and statistics, although in a cruel twist of irony, I ended up in a job where I have to know how to calculate FTEs in my head.

I figured, I have to take that step now, and just work on a scroll. Afterall, I was told many times that I would have gone a lot further than I have now, if it is not because of the fact that I am lacking in the degree department.

I am a firm believer in life experience credibility rather than a cred printed out in ink on a piece of paper. A degree is just a really expensive way of telling the world that you have successfully spent a genormous amount of money on theoretical skills.

It is easier for me now that I can apply my professional management experience into my studies. I am much more level headed (I would like to think that I am) and much more mature in handling time challenges. Having the cash to study the way I want to is a big plus. I can never see myself studying with a flask of designer coffee, with a laptop, iPad and a Moleskine notebook, if I was still a 'student, student'.

Taking on the degree program also means that I have a lot to cut back on in terms of costs in my expenditures. Somehow it is easier to do now that I am living on my own in a land 'far far away' from all types of worldly temptations. (Yeap).

I always try to inject a certain amount of comical quality in my endeavors. I have the ability to laugh at myself and also be judgmental at myself.

Work is still, well... a bit frustrating. But I have good support from my peers, although sometimes I think that they are more sympathetic more than anything else.

Well, I will just need to have this work.


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