Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am going numb

Earlier today, I was... a bit... numb.

Mentally, I was hating the fact that I am not able to yoga, as it is my second Moon day.

I did restorative poses this morning and 6 rounds of traditional Surya Namaskara. I would love to do some inversions, to work on my headstand, etc.

But I can't. 1st, I do not have the energy, 2nd, I was having my lady cramps, and it was not fun, and 3rd, I literally felt like slapping someone.

Not good for yoga, yeap, I was not good for yoga at all.

Anyway, back to earlier today, the numbness.

I was driving back when I had that sudden need to actually, cry. To cry my eyes out. I didn't have anything specific to cry about, but, I was, all of the sudden, choked up.

Can't really understand what was going on, but I stopped by the road, and cried.

My tears were streaming down my face. I was still looking for the actual reason for the crying.

I was happy, I paid my bills, did French pedicure and I had cake.

Cakes fix everything.

Tears of joy? It was definitely not tears of sadness, because I was not ... sad.

But I was numb. I felt stuck, I felt like I am in a cocoon of numbness.

I need yoga. I need to zone out. I need to sarvangasana like noone's business, for 3 minutes. I need to clear this... numbness out of my system.

Namaste, and Love,


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