Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dating a Yogi for idiots...

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Everytime I go out on dates (The number has been decreasing, lately), I am thoroughly amused by men's reaction when I told them that I practice Yoga.

It goes from lewd sexually charged remarks to an awkward reception, that look on their face wondering whether I would be up for sex in weird positions or that I might be drinking my own pee every morning.

The only thing that can help this situation that I am in, would be, to date a man who does Yoga.

And O my Universe, is it HARD!

First of all, for some reason, people associate Yogis with homosexuality, mainly because it had, for a long time now, been known as a discipline for chicks. Let me assure you, that, while technically, it is not entirely wrong, there are straight cuties who do Yoga, and embrace it, with passion. For an example, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Sting and Chris Martin from Coldplay are among the hotties who do Yoga.

The male population is still slowly turning around from this notion, but in Malaysia, this together with the whole 'religious' limitation on Yoga, I am thinking, it may take us another decade... nay... century ... for our local males to change their perception on Yoga.

However, it is still difficult to find a Yogi who wouldn't mind dating me, who is still working on being extra bendy and has a bit more cushion on my ass than all the other Yoginis.

Secondly, the fact that I am, sort of... a 'Bad Yogini' does not help. I do not want to date a Yogi who is a nut. I don't enunciate my vowels when I speak, and I don't always act ... enlightened.

I am human, I have my ups and downs. I can't 'float-on-a-clouds-in-flowy-yoga-pants-and-Mala-Beads-wrapped' all the time.

I am sarcastic, and I have a pretty dark sense of humor. I am not everyone's cup of chai.

But, I love the fact that almost all of the yogis I dated (2 so far) are open minded, managed to tingle my orange chakra with their sexy shirtless Shirsasanas and are in total acceptance of my overall personality, which is not 100% yogic.

Nothing serious, for now. I am not rushing. I still have about a thousand more poses to attempt. Learning everyday, and will still be on the lookout for that one person who would be able to complement me, as a person.

And.. he doesn't even have to be a Yogi, to be honest. :)

He is just required to have a good understanding on my passion for Yoga, and leave me and my practice alone. ;)

Namaste, and with Love.


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  1. I hate to say it but did you dated the bear?