Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yes. I am picky that way

My sister, bless her heart, tried to hook me up with a guy, recently.

The guy is a widower, an engineer.

I casually told her that I am not interested.

"I am not interested in Malays. Or Malaysians. Only Mat Salehs."

I said, ever so crudely.

Coming from someone who had always been a rebel in the family, this shouldn't 'shock' my parents.

Hey, listen... I tried. I tried dating local men before. I failed, miserably.

I don't think a bikini donning, yoga mat toting 34 YO is the local men's idea of the 'ideal wife'. To add on, I am extremely opinionated and I don't give a damn about religion too.

Both of my 'almost relationships' weren't with local men. I admit, I like white guys. I like their mindset. I like that no stupid religious ideals are being shoved up my ass. I like to talk in English 24-7.

I am only holding myself off because I didn't want to be the stereotypical Sarong Party Girl. In the end, who am I kidding, I like white men. I can't deny it anymore.

Am I a Sarong Party Girl? Well, I don't dye my hair blonde, I don't have over tanned skin, I have my own money and I don't have frikkin' wet dreams of having a green card.

So... well... it's subjective really. I can say no, but people will disagree. I figure, if men can have preferences, women can too.

By the way, Happy New Year all.

Keep Calm and Carry Om!




  1. I am going to be crude.
    Braise for it.
    It's because of the size right?

  2. Izchan.

    Nolah. I just like white men better. Personal preference.

  3. Depends on the type of local guy. Don't diss a person before you have met the person. After all, there are plenty of local men who are open minded etc.

    Never say never is all I'm saying.

    Happy new yr.

  4. But then again, each to their own!