Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Privatize me

A couple of years ago, my blogger persona was attacked by a crazy so called 'blue-blood' idiot and also a judgmental 'pot calling the kettle black' dumb ass.

Because of these two, the blog scene that I was a part of, changed. Even my private FB account was not spared.

I do not know if the 'Blue-Blood' schmuck is still blogging, but the dumb ass, after being bombarded by other bloggers, decided to shut the blog down.

These two played on other people's personal life, and made shallow attacks on other bloggers they deemed 'pretentious', without realizing that, in fact... they are the pretentious ones.

I put my blogging activity on a hiatus for about 6 months before I decided to start over.

But I never attempted to privatize my blog.


Amidst all of the online content control shit, I still believe that writing and telling people what I feel and what I have reluctantly gone through, is my God given right.

It was a shame. A lot of people whose blogs were worth a read, decided to shut down their blogs almost instantaneously.

Although I have to admit, I am not as emotional as I was a couple of years ago. My blog has no inkling of anger and frustration, although the last few entries were sombre and sad.

I am still opinionated, but I decided that caring too much about something that was not even worth my time was tiring. These people who has the narrowest perspective of things, and who barely knew the people they trashed on, never knew that what they have said about some of these bloggers (One of the blogger was a closet gay guy) had possibly scarred that person for life, are obviously unaware of one thing... who will always be a bitch...

Her name is Karma.

One way or another, she will hunt them down, and stuff her medicine down their throats.

It is a shame I would never know how.

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