Sunday, June 24, 2012


One of the reasons The Scotsman and I get along so well together is because both of us have strong views.

Strong views, both of us can make jokes out of and it's okay. We are both nationalists and both of us acknowledges that everyone is judgmental in their own little way, more so when they are actually saying they are not.

In Yoga, good thoughts harness great practice. Somehow I feel as if all this crap about not judging is just that. Crap.

We can't say that we don't judge, because the moment we say that we don't, it means we do because we are judging ourselves, and hence... judgmental.

So I can't, for the life of me, think good thoughts about people who tried so hard to not be something, but it is easy for them, to me, to be the thing that they say they aren't.

So I am judgmental, I am someone who believes in kindness that doesn't scream pretentious. Being honest to yourself is a kindness. Recognize that you are no messenger of God to be perfectly non-judgmental.

We are human...

And as a human... I think one of the best joy in life, is briyani.... and I can't help but to do this when I found a star anise, with a stem in my briyani rice.

Happy Monday!!!

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