Monday, December 12, 2011

I am brilliantly blessed, baby... brilliantly...

So, it's been a rather weird weekend.

I was out on a colleagues' birthday bash last Friday, the first 'proper' Friday night since as long as I can remember.

We headed out to a pub in Hartamas.

Lo and behold, I saw a guy fling that I went out with one time ago and also...


Om gosh.

I can handle the ex fling... but I wasn't quite ready for Lululemon.

I have not seen him for the last 3 months or so. It was a decision that I have come to, privately and quietly, having no reason for me to even tell him about the reason.

The last few months was a self revelation period to me... somehow.

There he was... looking gorgeous like always, in a black t-shirt and jeans. He walked over to me, not caring about whoever was around him and hugged me.

Like... 'HUGGED' me.

He whispered into my ear that he misses me and it had been a long time.

All this happened in the crowd, away, thankfully from my colleagues.

I told him that it was great to see him after so long, and he smiled and nodded, offered for me to join him, to which I declined and quickly replaced with a :

"I will call you... or... you call me."

Less than 15 minutes later, he called me, and texted me (because I was not picking up), to tell me that it was a great night for him, and that it was because he met me.

And he also took the courtesy to inform me that he was not with another girl (I was asking to see who he came with, to which he quickly interjected that he was with a couple of guy  friends).

As for the long time fling... he saw me alright... but he was with another woman, which was totally alright with me. Afterall, I don't think that I can actually handle two man encounter in one night.

I was afterall, having the fun that I deserved after so long.

And I was thinking to myself as I was happily toasting with my colleagues, that despite everything that happened... I am truly blessed... brilliantly so.

May 2012 brings forth many more! I am fucking looking forward to it.

Cheers! Drink to that!


  1. just to set the record straight.
    No comments.
    Enjoy life , whatever it might fling at you.
    Hmm ... does this constitute as a comment?

  2. izchan,

    Yes babe, it does constitute as a comment. ;)

  3. Dang.
    And I was hoping to be like less commentive.