Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Que Sera Sera...

Is it me or did time just passed toooo damn fast?

It seemed like only yesterday I was writing out my 'Stupid and Short' resolution list.

This was the list that I came up with :

1) Be a better person
This is really not up to me judge, but I think I am a better person now. I know for sure I look better. :)

2) Get that CANON DSLR
I am guilty for not making an effort to buy a camera at all. And now, I am falling in love with a Sony DSLR. Is this bad?

3) Be happy
I am... ermmm... happier if I have enough time for myself.

4) Keep close friends
I managed to do this. But I also managed to weed out those I don't think should be on the list. So openly now, I am not someone who can pretend that I am a friend when people don't want me to be one and then all of the sudden, they want me back through Yahoo! Messenger.

5) Buy a Plasma TV
I didn't because seriously, I don't watch TV, or I didn't have the time to watch TV. Sad but true.

So should I come up with another list?


  1. you should! you should!
    new year is all about optimism.
    (and scratching the old lists.)

  2. Allow me to comment.

    1. That's kinda subjective. I personally don't know you but you seem fine.

    2. Screw Sony, the accessories are expensive like crazy! Stick to Nikon or Canon and Canon has better white balance!

    5. Screw TV la. Get a high end LED or LCD high reso 24" monitor to work with your computer then top it off with a 5.1 surround speaker system and do everything on your computer man!