Monday, September 1, 2008

Waaaaa... Saya sungguh bangga...

I have been in JB for a good few days now. It is my first real long weekend that I have finally had the chance to have since I moved to KL a few months ago.
So needless to say, from the get go, I tried to catch up with as many friends as possible over the weekends. I also spent time with my family. Have to do as much as I can because I only have a few days in JB.
The thing is, contrary to what I personally thoughtwas going to happen, my life is a no life in KL. I spent it mostly working, sleeping on the weekends or spending time with my friends who are also my colleagues (I have absolutely cool people as my colleagues).
I will only indulge in a bit of 'life', per se... when any one of my JB friends make a trip up to KL.
Hahaha... and I thought I would be the person I was close to 8 years ago. How wrong I was.
And then I thought, maybe it's just the age factor. I am getting older, and... strangely more matured at handling things. It scares me sometime, but its a good thing innit?

Plus... and this I just have to write!!! Everyone said that I lost weight since the last time I saw them. Even the brow threading lady said I did. And I really did. My weight had flunctuated close to 8 KGs!

I am going to lose more, though one of my friends actually told me to retain my ass. Apparently, it is a gift from God and I have no right to reject it. HAHAHA!!!

Two more KGs to attain my 10 KG goal. Woohoo!!


  1. Work those buns hun! Hehehe.. Standing up, use your left cheek butt to raise your right leg and vice versa with the other cheek and leg. Repeat about 20 times daily and you'll have buns of steel in a month. Hehe

  2. Uih... did you do it as well? can i check out your buns of steel then? Hahaha

  3. Hehe.. I'm married. And I kinda slacked after last year. So my muscles have turned into mush. Kinda regret doing all that body building (small fry type la..) but I'm quite sure my ass is still nice and firm. *patpat*


  4. Occay... i will have to reconfirm on that with the missus.. hahahah