Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gimme a second...

‘Have a nice life.’

That was the final SMS, I am more disappointed more than I am sad.

It’s okay… I gather.

Here’s to a nicer life.

We had our sales convention and annual dinner in Malacca. I love that dress don’t you?

And I did manage to enjoy myself although my brain was a mess. You know how some people are allergic to milk and others to alcohol? I am allergic to men I figured. Anybody want to be my lesbo partner? And I actually called Aish (my lesbo drink partner) to confide in her. She is with the most gorgeous English woman I have ever met. Aish was considering migrating to the UK to be with her.

Aish, told me this;

“Never hope, but KNOW that somehow your life will work out, irregardless of circumstances.”

Makes sense I thought.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures. Not many but still...


  1. was fun yea....

    heheh look at our faces so bleek up!!

  2. whoaa... that is one beautiful sexy dress on ya!

  3. I only ever use 'Have a nice life' in a sarcastic context. Rude bugger.

  4. Cun!

    I have a white dress jz like yours? Wanna wear it together gether?

  5. Have a great year ahead eh hic ;-)

  6. Snow Love,

    ha'ah... and i was not drunk babe... you ahh.. loose cannon of sorts... hahaha!

    Ms D,

    well woot woot to you too babeh!

  7. Beskot,

    thanks darl... i got it cheap from WH..:)


    actually that was the last SMS i sent to him. i figured, no harm being rude once in a while.. hehe...

  8. Sher,

    babe... i was going to suggest we wear that during our birthday do next feb, but i think, its better that we buy some other dress for that eh?


    u too dude.. hik! :p

  9. And Des,

    do i turn you on? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hot Hot Pinko!!!!