Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sarcy does not rhyme with marry (well, maybe not yet)

I am disgusted.

Nothing against marriage but seriously… I am disgusted.

This may be the reason why I am so reluctant and hesitant to get married.

I have always been told by married men that the wife is the wife, they can’t fool around with their wife, because she’s a wife. You can however get all raunchy and about with other women, women, whom according to them, could give them what they want that the wife couldn’t.

So, this is what I figured, before a couple is married, the woman is the only one who could give them what they want, and when they tie the knot, the woman is only the ‘wife’ who now is unable to give them what they want.

“Have you told your wife what you want, and how you want it, I mean romantically speaking?”

This friend of mine shrugged.

I am no female magazine writer who could give you long evaluated list on methods and stuff, but I know that ‘telling the wife what they want’ works. So I told him that maybe he should tell her about his idea of being romantic, even if its as small as holding one’s hands under the table during dinner with the kids.

After all, what is soooo wrong with asking???

“Kenot la. Later she will look at me funny. Kata buang tebiat. Worst if she asked if she is not good enough for me.”

As far as I am concerned, marriage is no bed of roses wot, and get this, I am frikkin’ single. If I could see that, why can’t they, the married couples?

And I am not putting the blame solely on the men, women too get too comfortable that they tend to forget the person that they were before they get married. The women that have made their then boyfriends go gaga are now the ones who make their husbands yawn and turn away disinterested.

I guess you can call me paranoid, because one of the reasons why I loath the whole idea of getting married is that I am scared that I might end up being too comfortable too. I could not stomach my husband wanting to ‘get it on’ with other women because I could not ‘get it on’ the way he wants to.

But I guess realizing that fact is a start. That’s why I included the ‘Have a shag on the washing machine every Sunday afternoon when kids (If we have any) napping / going over to friends’ house’ agenda, if and when I get married someday. I expect my husband to be (Hello… whoever you are.) to have his own personal plan on ‘keeping the love aliiiiveee’ as well..

Too many wedding invitations make me write this… so bear with me… hik…


  1. Both husb and wife kena make the marriage exciting la. If the husb tak cakap with the wife what he wants then how? We can't read their minds now, can we?

    Itu excuse jer nak have affair with another woman. U wont know if your wife wants to have sex with u on the washing machine if you dont ask, kan?

  2. this situation sometimes happened to me too. that guy always complaining about the wife tu boring la itu la inilaa

    that's the thing with 'not covering our hair', we might look fuckable or fuck around or whatever. always being misunderstood by them. (i don't know about ur circle)

    but, once u've covered ur hair..u'll look 'wifeable', and after a while they started to complain that u (if u got married this kind of guy) or the wife bosan tak kinkylaa..tu sumer alasan je nak affair.

    p.s pg plak komen..ihihi :P

  3. hahaha kelakar posting, as usual. babe, always pencil in some 'kinkyrompypompy' time with hubby - amidst crying baby and dirty dishes. tonite in circque de soleil date nite with MrJ ann i have shaved my legs and left a can of whipped creme in the car.
    now if he complains about his wife being a wife and not a kinky girlfriend after all my effort, aku pelekung kapla dia!

  4. the funniest i heard, "I'm not gonna put my dick in the mouth that's gonna kiss my kids!"....dumbass!

  5. yang,
    i fear marriage too. kita serupa.
    the end.

  6. The women that have made their then boyfriends go gaga are now the ones who make their husbands yawn and turn away disinterested.
    that is sooooo right!some women think being a Mrs is the complete happy ending and laden with chores they forget to be 'alive'!!
    big mistake there!!

  7. ‘Have a shag on the washing machine every Sunday afternoon'

    Do buy a sturdy washing machine, front-loading type. I believe the door of top-loading washing machines might koyak from such external activity, which may not be covered by warranty. ;)

  8. Cosmic,

    men have excuses for everything, often, people let them get away withi t.. thats why when a marriage goes wrong, people blame the wife.


    my ex told me that i am fuckable, the kind of person you could sleep with, have great sex with and great conversation to boot. he never said i am a wife material tho...

  9. MsJ,

    pelangkung je.. we do so much effort kalau tak appreciate jugak donno laaa...

    Ms D,

    Haha.. thats funny, who is he and when can i shoot him?

  10. Mummy,

    yup, kita berdua banyak kesamaan.. eh.. persamaan...


    i didnt say that did i?

  11. Blackfeline,

    most women are like that... unfortunately...


    totally.. i think i will haev to buy the front loader that's worth about 5000 bucks...