Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hear hear you snots!

I had a conversation with one of the bloggers who is now my good friend over the weekend.

Most of the time we will try to not talk about our online activity apart from what was written on our own blog, but occasionally, often unavoidable, we strayed to the topic of what other bloggers, the ones that we don’t bother to know better or to ‘layan’ per se, thinks about us, as a person.

Recently, Naz blogged about how different a blogger’s online persona is compared to the real person, in flesh. I have to agree with that. There were some, not that I have come across many, bloggers who just doesn’t reflect accordingly to how their blogs make them out to be.

I was told that there were some ‘silent readers who are also bloggers’ who seemed to have a real problem with the things I write on MY site. I had those hate emails coming from conservative Muslims and Malays before telling me how my behavior / habits are so going to condemn me to hell, but hey, I am not Islamic, I know THAT fact.

But , as for these bloggers who thought they had more class than everybody else, come on now. What gives?

Sure you could write well in flawless English and whatnots but that doesn’t give you the license to rant on what other people want to put in their blog, even if it’s as distasteful as a tubful of mouldy philly cream cheese. It is afterall, THEIR frikkin’ blog.

In the end, it all looked childishly petty. A bunch of adults, who were still apparently, trying very hard to grow up but failed.

I guess their ‘lavish’ vocabulary make them the snots they are. I doubt that these people are really quite alright in real life. I doubt that I even want to know them in real life. I don’t do snots. I ignore them.

As to what they think about my blog or me as a person? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I have made some real friends from this outlet and I thank my lucky stars that I found them instead of the pretentious little snotters (I DO Know that there are no such word)


  1. babe, it is those who pay too much attention to 'class', 'money' and 'image' who are wannabes and dont really have them!

    i'd like to think i am a WYSIWYG...i emailed Des of my KL itinerary and if you happen to be in town, lets meet up - for a sirap bandung or a bourbon :-)

  2. That is so true! Our blog should be a place of free expressions w/out judgement. Remember when I moderated my comments? One stupid git actually told me that I was showing off with all the pixs that I've put up...sewel ke apa orang tu, jealous semacam, banyak lagi blog lain dia boleh baca!~

    For what's it worth, I adore your blog!

  3. I'm sure those people had huge blogger's block. Got nothing nice to write about, so kutuk blogger lain lah.

  4. One semi-private female blogger,let's call her P for Pantek, bitched about me (and some others) in at least 3 blogs.

    She then told the girlfriend of B, a male blogger who I've been friends with for some 10 years, that B and I are having an affair.

    P doesn't even know who I am. Fortunately, B's gf knows B and I are good friends only.

    lol can follow or not?

  5. Some ppl have nothing better to do than to bitch abt other ppl...blogging is about free expression but it's certainly not to be used to spread lies abt other bloggers

  6. haha i know who u're talking about. i guess it makes them happy to bash others cos it makes them feel good about themselves (apparently they're nothing actually). other than their oh-so-perfect linguistic competence, i think that's about it. nothing more to them. so bashing others and their blogs feed their sad poor soul. biarkanlah luncai tu semua.

  7. diaorang takde keja lain la tu.

    just bloody ignore them.

  8. Ms J,

    what is Wysiwyg? i thought that has something to do with websites or something like that...

    will do babe, August should be ok... i havent gone to KL for sometime anyway... besides how can i resist Baby J... dia takut orang tak by the way??

    Ms D,

    ya betul... i had some of these comments when i do have the mood i will reply their stupid comments but most of the time i just delete them...

    yours toooo dahhlinggg!!!

  9. Dnas,

    tulah psal, and for some reason, they thought kutuking is a creative outburst... who knows eh?


    then where does C comes in.. eh, takde C eh?? hehe..

    babe, i so know what you were getting at, these people seemed to think that they have the right to barge in our lives...

    fantastic eh??

  10. Cosmic,

    it's unfortunately a growing trend. its a sad2 world.


    tengah biarkan la ni....


    yeah.. i am doing just that.. ignoling

  11. Sarcy, WYSIWYG...What You See Is What You pretend pretend one!
    BabyJ suka semua orang except mak dia sebab when he's with me dia asyik berak jer!
    cant wait to see u in KL lorr

  12. just ignore them sarcy,
    if u do like this people will talk, if u do like that people still talking..

    i do agree with u that how bloggers sometimes don’t reflect accordingly to how their blogs make them out to be.

    it happens to me too, when i read mine, it looks like i'm happy kindda person and a bit gedik sometimes, but i'm not actually :P

    anyway, it's ur blog, writing about anything is ur call.

    -Lilith yg baca u punya blog hari2-

  13. p.s saya suka baca blog anda, hehe :P

  14. Agreed.

    ignore them babe. no point pun layan these people. you know me, i know the 'real' you ok? so it's enough already.

    Glad we had a great fun during the weekends!

  15. Msj,

    Owh.. if like that, i also Wysiwyg.

    eh, if he berak everytime he sees you that means he likes you la.. dont you know berak is one of the most enjoyable thing a human being could ever do???

    i could not wait to see you too babeh!


    yeke? i dont think you sound gedik in your blog, appadaaah... you sound just fine dear.

    --Saya pun baca blog anda hari2-


    hey gald you had nice trip!

    of we get together of kos the weekends are always happening!!!

  16. bloggers...chatters...ppl in the virtual world..vicious?...who cares??!