Monday, November 5, 2012

A yoga sense of mind

I was told by a friend that when he sees me doing Yoga, I sort of...

Zoned out.

It was like I am in a space-time continuum.

I'd be unapologetic about it most of the time. I believe any one who is a Yoga  nut would agree that that's exactly what we want. That's our ultimate objective... to zone out in our practice.

When I am on my mat, it's me.Myself.And. I... with the universe.

'It's some spiritual shit... man.'

I jokingly told my friend.

It's that one thing that I can lose (with one 'O') myself with, the realization that my practice is my own. When I am practicing, no one cheats and no one dies.

It's the perfect world for me.



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  1. Your leaving a lot of "A**" around.
    A sign? Maybe.