Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Friend : I think I am in love

Me : .....

Friend : Have you ever had that feeling that you know... you are just in love ... and this guy is.... (Lovey dovey, possible eyelash batting mode)

Me : I don't remember.

Friend : Huh?

Me : I don't remember. All I remembered were the fights, the crying... buckets of it, the confusion, the break ups, the alcohol, the rebounds.

Friend : ....

Me : I remembered questioning myself and the relationship. But if you said that it feels(Bats eyelashes), I'll take that.

Friend : Umm...

Me : Come on. Feel better that I am actually envious of you. But don't let amnesiac me get in the way of whatever you are feeling with your beau. I am me, Sarc... what do you expect? Buttercups and pink balloons?

Friend : You don't remember or you didn't want to remember.

Me : Ooh... I have options?

I love my friends for still being able to be friends with me. :P


  1. Your friend does have a point. You seem to be running away from it.

  2. Well... just.. staying away from it because I am not sure. :D

  3. i think i once said something like "i'm in love.." to a friend and she replied "with WHAT?".
    i wanted to say "..with Anuar Zain" !
    eh, bukan Anuar Zain la kot, tapi a person la.

  4. Darlene, If I am the friend, I would be looking for a glass of water and campak it on you.. hehehehe....