Friday, April 30, 2010

Sarcy on leave ~ GASP!

As you all know, I am a workaholic.

So when I disappeared from work for three days, believe me it was a big deal.

For everyone, even for me. And the fact that my colleagues actually asked for my office keys and tag made it more interesting.

You see, even when I was on leave, I would usually drop by the office.

My friends, who are also my colleagues said that I do not have a life.

I agree. I don't. I mean aside from work, I don't see anything that's worth doing.

So I decided, let's try this. Let's try to just be on leave, without sleeping the whole day off and try to have a real off day.

So I went to the Coffin Exhibition at the Museum.

It was a freaky exhibition, coffins, skeletons and mannequins in white cloth everywhere. I didn't even dare to take pictures of those in the white cloth. I was... freaked out, in a way.

A Thai coffin

Ancient burial rites. No the skelies were not real. I don't think Malaysian exhibitors have the balls to go ahead with it. Besides, the real artifacts are much too valuable to be openly displayed like this. I think this one was excavated in Gua Cha, Kelantan. 

Of course, I camwhored anyway : 



Being the higher form of life (despite the existence of George Bush, the Darwin awards, those who double park and those who drives big cars but who still doesn't want to pay to park their big car in the parking lot and decided to disrupt other drivers by parking their cars at the side of the road wtf), we created a whole elaborate ritual for the dead. Coffins are one of them. 

There were even carts for the dead to ride in, sitting up. I can't help but to feel seriously eerie at that sight. 

The only gripe I had about the exhibition was that, I kind of wished that it could be bigger. 

The last time I went to the museum was when I was 12, with my late uncle. We went to this exhibition about skulls and shrunken heads. everything in that exhibition was the real thing. Upon admission, they gave us a 'passport', to make sure that we visited every nook and cranny of the exhibition. 

The exhibition was big, and extensive. I was in awe, and in a split second, wanted to be an archaeologist. 


For a fee of 5 ringgit, this includes bringing in your cameras in, it's ok to go to. 

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