Thursday, December 25, 2008

The week I had a lot of fun!

For once, I didn’t think about work. Well I did have to go on a conference meeting on early Tuesday morning but that came with the job I guess, but I had fun...

Well first of all, I want to post this up, courtesy of Ms. Sophie Miller and tell everyone that who the hell cares... keep on blogging!

The latest addition to our very big family is little Baby A. So going according to the tradition, we had a potong jambul ceremony for him. It was a blast. I invited Anna along and well... safe to say that Anna had a bigger blast than I did. Haha!

My crazy cousins (and Anna) scrambling for some cash

Anna and me, still awake for more than 24 hours

The day after, we went to a relative’s wedding do. It was hot but we were just glad that we have our own spot under a tree...

And then because we only happened to have a lot of time and we were kind of bored, my mum announced that we are going to go for a one day trip to our favorite state; Melaka.

Don't ask me why, we just love Melaka. And we had fun!

And right after we touched down in JB, I got ready and pimp it up for a christmas party at Bar Banyan.

I loved it... thanks Anarch-y, you know who you are!


  1. you definitely have my respect. not that u need it pun. :) life goes on eh.

  2. babe, it looked like you had a really good time.

    sorry haven't gotten to reply your email. yup, been a long time, hasn't it? well, who knows, once my baby dah start weaning, i probably could meet you for lunch before you start work.

    in the mean time, take care!

  3. allo mate, the cendol looks deliciious hehe

    happy holidays to u!!
    and a happy new year :)

  4. There's a good sport ;-) Sometimes, you just have to laugh at these things. & the ability to laugh at oneself is priceless.

    Happy New Year, Sarcy. Looking great, girl.

  5. hey babe! uik...back to back activities ni? but no matter what 'people' say, you look good la babe....

    happy new year and have a blast celebration yeah!

  6. Bob,



    Its okay. Well, made plans with Inn but I guess she had her own plans. :)

  7. Kawaii,

    Hi babe, and merry Christmas to you!


    Thanks a lot. I always managed to laugh at myself what.


    Yeah.. tired akak. homecomings are always full for me. :)

  8. Dear Sarclover,

    Today somebody quoted this to me -

    If a donkey thinks that she is a unicorn, that is not 'confidence'. That is actually 'delusional'.

    Somehow I thought about you. Happy new year by the way.

    ps: What does piahzerised mean?


  9. ooh...

    Mr. Know-it-all aka MCP (tht is Male Chauvinistic Pig) dont know what a word means???

    ahh.. come on... you disappoint me!! :P

  10. Happy New Year Sarcy!

  11. S&Tm Darlene and Cosmic,
    Thanks Babes!! likewise to you guys too!

  12. New years is overrated.

    And that red baju kebaya doesn't do you justice. Kinda gives you a paunch la. Or have you been eating a lot? :D (Don't kill me, I'm just the messenger!)

  13. Izso,

    Hahaha... women problem la the 'paunch'... doesnt matter la... i was miserable anyway. i fat ke tak ke... noone gives a damn... hihihi...

    F. Idrus,

    You too babe!!!