Monday, October 27, 2008


I am experimenting.

Never mind that I don't really know what I am doing, but I am experimenting.

I would be blogging about it soon. And I think it is going to be hilarious. I am already ROTFLMAO!

‘Nak boyfriend tak?’

A guy friend of mine asked me that question. He wanted to introduce me to someone he knows.

Now the last time I was introduced to someone, it didn’t quite work out. Mainly because I thought the dude was too pretentious and kind of hypocritical. He was a Malay and I was not really interested to be with one. I have had my share, and I find all of them distasteful and extremely... mixed up.

But then again, maybe I am looking at all the wrong places; or just plain ‘Takde jodoh’, who knows ay?

I mean all that talk about religion and later on saying that they wanted sex but not marriage just don't make any sense to me.

I never talk about religion, because I know I am not at all religious. But I do have some degree of respect towards it. I am not your typical Malay Muslim woman, that’s fine by me. I try not to be hypocritical.

That’s why I don't talk about religion and wanting sex on the same page. If you want to talk about religion and is honking your horn saying that you are a praying man, go ahead, be a celibate.

Don't want to call the kettle black you see.

‘Melayu ke?’ I asked.

Guy friend nodded.

So I smiled goofily to my guy friend and said the same words I respond to cigarettes;


Past few months, have been making JB trips often.

This time it is all for the sake of open houses, and also, have to admit, KL is beginning to just bore me.

What’s happening la????

Grass is always greener on the other side I suppose?

Already missing JB.

Kebaya Top courtesy of my Granny. It was hers when she was younger..It looked amazing!


If you love someone, then you will let them go...

Yeah... what a novel concept, somewhat... crappy.


  1. hi sarcy,

    was digging your archive--just finished jan 07. phew.

    will be back ;).

  2. Sarcy,
    i have the same Ms Read floral blouse like the one your lady friend is wearing. Boleh buat kumpulan Boria dah coz I've met about 5 other women wearing it in KL alone.

  3. Eh.. if that picture is recent, your boobs not small lah! AIYO!

  4. Darlene,

    Take your time... :)


    Hahahaha.. That would be a great idea...


    Babe, It's all in the posture... how you stand matters... Hahahaha

  5. why not malay? hahahah! but if you change your mind, i pun ada orang that i want to introduce to you. hehehe

  6. Inn,

    Ala.. the reason is already obvious what... :)... They just could not prove me wrong. I gave chances and all. They screwed it up... Hahahaha...

  7. biasa la.. some people blog about islam la.. pas la.. lepas tu balik tabuh 6pack heineken..

    dia ingat baca bismillah semua ok kot?

  8. des,

    maybe mereka mengamalkan ajaran kerajaan langit? hahaha!