Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Of being a single who dates

I am giving myself a chance by giving other people a chance to get close to me.

That said, I am beginning to make some effort in probably initiating a ‘something something’ rather with an acquaintance (Let me just put him down as The Acquaintance) I was introduced to a few months earlier. We found out that we really did enjoy each other’s company, although everything is still pretty much vague.

Plus he is in KL.

So the occasional phone calls are a norm now. We even confided in each other on certain issues and make plans for our next rendezvous. I promised The Acquaintance that I would go up to KL one of these days, if I finally could get away from my hectic life at the moment.

Of course, with a cousin’s wedding on the 1st, house moving on the 3rd and annual company convention on the 21st – 23rd, December looks bleak.

My mother happened to be hovering around when I received a phone call from The Acquaintance one night. She asked me, rather suspiciously, who was it who called, to which I replied a friend.

“To you everyone is a friend. Even if that person did like you more than a friend.” She said.

“Tak salah wot. I didn’t ask them to like me like that.”

I even introduced Anna to the The Acquaintance. We went for a movie and since he was in town, I thought why not. Anna gave the thumbs up.

But hold it now, there will be no direct indication whatsoever of us being an item (Why do we use that word anyway?). After all, we don’t believe in long distance relationship / romance or anything like that. No harm in knowing someone who would first and foremostly be a friend more than anything else.

We just enjoy each other’s company, that is it.

Meanwhile, I have my eyes on the ‘Movies under the Stars’ event happening in December. I might be getting the tics, and I have a good idea on who to bring. A late night picnic sounds good eh? Been some time since I planned out a date anyway… you reckon?


  1. err..should I start to get the kompang out? heheh

  2. OIII...

    dont get me wrong la dear... i only want to be friend2 la... anything else will happen when the time is right and most importantly, when the person is right.

  3. Hey, go for it, babe! :-) Just go with the flow & have loadsa fun.

  4. i've always wanted to go to that 'movies under the stars' but the timing was always wrong. Have fun with Mr. acquaintance, ok.

  5. Slow and easy babe...slow and easy :)) You'll do fine..hehehe..Mr Acquaintance gets thumbs up from Anna, so that is a good thing right?

  6. Yeah, being friends first is good. Gives both the chance to get closer and know each other better. Wouldn't want to get stuck in the mud now would we...

  7. FREAKY,



    thats what i want to have on dates.. not sex no nothing.. just FUN....

  8. DNas,

    me too. so i want to stop wanting to go and start going ehehehehee...


    she hated my ExBF because he berates her on her personal life... and then shewas uncomfortable with my 6 footer ex one time ago because she said he was too hyper, so she giving me thumbs up on this one is gewd...

  9. Sarcy, don't worry be happy ! :-)

    Start slow - slow pun ok what .... just do not watch SATC during these next few months :D